Eastern Economic Forum

  • September 6-7, 2017
  • Vladivostok (Russia), Fr. Russian, FEFU
  • Official site: www.forumvostok.ru

Description of the event

Eastern Economic Forum is held annually in order to promote the accelerated development of the economy of Eastern Russia and expand international cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region, according to Executive Order of the President of Russia of May 19, 2015.

There will be a new conception of The Federal Agency for Fisheries’ exposition in 2017, it will be dedicated (on the campus of FEFU) to creation and development of All-Russia electronic auctioning and stock exchange trade of aquatic biological resources. The new mechanisms of realization domestic fishery products through auctions and stock exchange trades will be presented in real-time mode at the venue. There will be also featured the 3D-presentations of projects implemented by Far East fishery companies.

56 countries
3.3 thousand people
200 agreements
1.76 trillion roubles

Unified concept of the national joint stand

The aim of EEF-2017 exhibitions: attraction of investors to the Far East.

  • visualization of provisions of Forum program, revealing investment opportunities in the Far East;
  • dialogue between investors, companies executives, representatives of state authorities and media;
  • contributing to vision of dynamics of investment process among potential Russian and foreign investors;
  • visual proof of investment attractiveness of the Region; direct involvement with investors on a sectoral and regional basis;
  • developing an integrated understanding of FEFD and its investment attractiveness; increased understanding of development institutes of FEFD;
  • presentation of participating countries.

At the venue of EEF-2017 PSEDAs are presented, as well as investment projects, measures taken by federal and regional authorities to develop social, economic, demography and investment potential of FEFD.

Partner of the collective exposition of Federal agency
for Fisheries at the EEF 2017