In the last 10 years Pella, OJSC has been specializing in manufacturing of series of up-to-date highly-maneuverable sea tug, salvage vessels and other multifunctional vessels of technical fleet for working in seaports and for connection of vessels of Russian fleets. The Company has delivered 120 high-technology sea tugs totally, 1/3 of which Arctic-class, to Russian customers.

Today, Pella OJSC develops production of up-to-date resource-saving fishing vessels: about 50 m long for long-line fishing and a crab catch; trawlers about 60, 70 and more than 100 meters long (processor trawler) for ground fish and pelagic species’ catch and their partial onboard processing.

The specialization is identified in active collaboration of Pella, OJSC and fishfolk of the Far East and the North-West.