Seafood Expo Global. Seafood Processing Global



24-26 April 2018, Brussels (Belgium)

Pavilion 11, Stands – 2501, 2601, 2621.

Description of the event

Seafood Expo Global/Seafood Processing Global 2018 is the world's largest international exhibition of seafood, equipment, technologies, services for fish and seafood processing. Participation in the exhibition is an excellent opportunity for seafood specialists to expand their business, gain access to a fast-growing seafood market, conclude contracts for the supply of products and strengthen partnership relations. In addition to demonstrating the goods, the exhibition will organize events that are useful and interesting for businessmen. For example, a competition for innovation, services for the organization of production and sales, information on the financial side of the issue, insurance, chartering and computer technology. In addition, it is possible to familiarize with various accompanying goods: packing, spices, condiments.

The organizer of the national joint stand is the official branch exhibition operator EXPO SOLUTIONS GROUP, with the support of the Federal Agency for Fisheries.

40 000 sq.m
1800 participants
from 79 countries
28500 visitors
from 150 countries
73 national
and regional pavilions

For 3 days of the exhibition you will be able to:

  • to demonstrate and promote the entire range of products and services to the market;
  • get immediate product feedback from visitors;
  • to study competitors;
  • expand the base of contacts;

Hall scheme

General view of the stand of the Russian Federation

Participant Package

Full cost 1 sq.m 110 000 rubles
Standard stand equipment
• Glass table
• Meeting table
• Armchair
• Registration desk, company logo
• Touchscreen 42
• Interactive participant content (developed individually for each participant in Russian and English)
• Design of the stand of the participant according to the brand-book of the company
• Bar chair
• Plasma panel 55 (for demonstration of a participant's video)
• Refrigerated display case with open product layout
• Stand for printed products
• Interpreter
• Cooler (1 bottle of water)
• Curbstone
• Fridge

Catering “Russian fish”

Original dishes prepared from the products of participants and presented at the events of 2017

“Russian fish”

Presented on the area of the national joint stand by its best chefs and original menu from the products of the participants

Advertising Support

Placement of information about the national joint stand before the exhibition:

  • on the portal, the main page with the transition to the page of the event
  • on the website of the Russian organizer of the event –
  • in the list of registered exhibitors
  • catalog of participants of the national joint stand of the Russian Federation
  • badges of participants
LOGISTICS | Cargo delivery from each company up to 50 kg (Moscow-Brussels)