PJSC Preobrazhensky Base of Trawling Fleet

Preobrazhensky Base of Trawling Fleet, PJSC is the largest enterprise of fishing and fish-processing industries in the Far East.

Now the company represents the large multi-sectoral structure, its production and processing units act in concert with supporting onshore installations. The well-coordinated work of all production units leads to dynamic growth ensures reaching high economic indicators and manufacturing of the best quality various products. Gaining a foothold on the Russian and international markets. The key activity of the Base is fishing in the ocean. Own processing is preferable.

The Company preserves and produces 10% of all live fish and fish products of Primorsky Territory. The products are then sold in Russia and abroad.

Type of activities:

  • production and processing of fish and seafood, finished products marketing
  • formulation and approval of technical documentation on the products
  • transportation of fish, and other cargoes in vessels, vessel towing
  • repair, re-equipment and reconstruction of vehicles.