Seafood Expo Russia 2022: New exhibitors

Seafood Expo Russia 2022: New exhibitors
22 December 2021
3 months passed since the main event of Russian fishery industry Global Fishery Forum & Seafood Expo Russia has opened its doors to the public in Saint Petersburg. For that period more than 15 new exhibitors joined the show. Among them are equipment producers: Cehuma and Belkristalservice, fishery companies – Mariso-Moscow, Nord Piligrim; traders – Lucky Fish; feed producers-Sivetra Agro; engineering bureau Morskoye ingenernoye bureau – SPB. Earlier exhibiting within collective stand of Astrakhan region “Kaspiyiskiye delikatesy” trading house will take part in the exhibition with its own stand.
Along with newcomers, some companies which already took part in Seafood Expo Russia will return next year. Among them are equipment producers BLRT GRUPP and MacGregor, Turkish fish feed producer Arenco. Denmark, Norway and Morocco which previously could not come due to epidemiological challenges will exhibit with collective stand.
“In 2022 the exhibition will become bigger than ever and occupy two pavilions at once. Even though sales have been opened for two months only, 40% of all exhibition space is sold out. It proves that participants believe us. And we, in our turn, will do our best to meet their expectations.
Some projects which we had to cancel earlier will come back in 2022. First of all, it’s master class area for HoReCa and brand chefs which supposed to be a sensation this year. We are anxious to return Fish food court and to give an opportunity not only to watch and to talk about fish but also to taste it. Relying on this year experience, we can broaden the geography of exhibitors and visitors, attract more European producers and suppliers” – shared plans Ivan Fetisov CEO of Expo Solutions Group, operator of the event.
Preparation to the anniversary forum and exhibition has already been started. Potential exhibitors have an opportunity to enjoy a special offer price to book stand for the next year - early booking period was extended till December 17.
Please learn more about early booking offer here.