Seafood Expo Russia to Address Fishing Industry’s Impact on Shipbuilding

Seafood Expo Russia to Address Fishing Industry’s Impact on Shipbuilding
6 June 2022

The implementation of the investment quota program has provided a boost to the entire civil shipbuilding industry, whose development will become a key topic at Seafood Expo Russia 2022. The construction of a fishing, scientific, transport, and auxiliary fleet for the needs of the fishing industry will be discussed at a roundtable, which will be organized jointly with the event’s media partner

The first stage of the Keel Quota campaign was delayed, as regulators, fishermen, shipyards, and design bureaus worked out a plethora of internal issues. However, the efforts of industry stakeholders helped to overcome an almost thirty-year gap in orders on the domestic market and contributed to the development of the entire civil shipbuilding industry in Russia. 

Today, the fishing fleet is not the only sector under active construction. Demand has also spiked for auxiliary, transport, and research vessels to meet the needs of the fisheries industry. In order to increase production, continue developing shipbuilding expertise, and implement the second stage of the investment quota campaign, the industry will need to overcome new challenges due to a decrease in the provision of services and equipment supplies by numerous foreign companies.

These issues will be the key focus at the roundtable ‘Upgrading the Fishing Fleet as a Driver for the Development of Civil Shipbuilding in Russia’, which will be jointly organized with the event’s media partner on the second day of Seafood Expo Russia 2022 on 22 September.

Key discussion topics:

·       Current load of Russian shipyards with orders from the fishing fleet: completed projects, new orders, deadlines, and quality

·       Are there enough suppliers of Russian equipment to build and maintain new vessels: possible ways to replace existing niches in the industry

·       Construction of research, transport, and auxiliary (including small) vessels for the needs of fishermen as an industry ensures the development of all civil shipbuilding in Russia

·       Actual cases involving shipbuilding at joint ventures and foreign shipyards


Last year, at a roundtable organized jointly with, customers, shipyards, and design bureaus managed to resolve certain discrepancies that have arisen during the implementation of projects. This was facilitated by an open dialogue format, which will be continued this year as well. Representatives of the regulators, shipyards, Russian business, joint ventures, and foreign enterprises will take part in the discussion.

In 2022, the Global Fishery Forum and Seafood Expo Russia will celebrate an anniversary: the event will be held on 21–23 September in St. Petersburg for the fifth time and will be the largest in its history. The exhibition’s exposition area will take up two pavilions at the ExpoForum CEC with total area of 26,000 m2.