Seafood Expo Russia 2022: Overview of New Exhibitors #3

Seafood Expo Russia 2022: Overview of New Exhibitors #3
16 June 2022

In the third edition of the Seafood Expo Russia New Exhibitor Review, we want to draw attention to a very important sector that brings together domestic and foreign manufacturers of all types of equipment for the fishing industry: fishing gear, equipment for processing, packaging, cooling and freezing, as well as IT solutions.

In addition to the segment leaders and regular participants of Seafood Expo Russia, new Russian and foreign companies are joining the exhibition, among them: Vladfrizing, UVL, Center for Fish Technologies.

Vladfrizing specializes in the design of the technological process of fish processing enterprises and the supply of freezing equipment, ice makers for flake and liquid ice, equipment for deep processing of fish and meat, as well as packaging equipment, made in Japan, South Korea and China.

UVL designs and manufactures ultraviolet germicidal lamps using its own technology, which are used for the most effective and safe disinfection of water, air and surfaces.

The Fish Technology Center develops and implements technologies for the production of high-quality, safe and tasty fish and seafood products and offers a wide range of equipment for cutting and slicing, curing and drying, cooling and defrosting, packaging and production hygiene. The company also sells spices and technological preparations for the fishing industry.

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