Seafood Expo Russia 2022: Overview of New Exhibitors #2

Seafood Expo Russia 2022: Overview of New Exhibitors #2
10 June 2022

There is less and less time left before the start of the main event of the Russian fishing industry – Global Fishery Forum & Seafood Expo Russia, and we continue to introduce you to the new exhibitors.

In the second edition, we want to draw attention to the new participants in the sections of aquaculture and finished products. These are Divny Bereg, Rostov Lobster and Yazhelbitsky Fish Farm.

Since 2005, Divny Bereg has been engaged in the production and sale of finished products from fish and seafood. Products undergo rigorous quality control - fish shops are equipped with high-tech equipment, physico-chemical and bacteriological laboratories. The assortment includes both classic types of products and those developed by the company's technologists: cold and hot smoked, dried and salted, preserves. Among the raw materials used: salmon, herring, mackerel, catfish, tuna, smelt, capelin, seafood.

Rostov Lobster is a crayfish farm that breeds and grows Australian red claw crayfish in natural and artificial conditions. Cultivation takes place in environmentally friendly conditions, without the use of chemical additives. Farm specialists regularly monitor water quality and monitor the health of individuals.

Yazhelbitsky Rybkhoz is located in the village of Yazhelbitsy, Novgorod Region, in the valley of the Polomyat River. The company specializes in the cultivation of rainbow trout fry, carp seed stock for own needs and for sale, as well as in the cultivation of marketable fish: carp, pike, crucian carp.

Registration for visitors is already open on the official website.

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