Delivery of Perishable Products to be Discussed at Seafood Expo Russia

Delivery of Perishable Products to be Discussed at Seafood Expo Russia
25 April 2022

Together with sophistication of usual logistic routes of fish and seafood, the problem of maintaining the temperature regime along the delivery route becomes more and more relevant. Modern technologies of freezing, cooling, storage and control of compliance with the conditions of transportation can help to make new export dimensions and internal deliveries of perishable products more profitable. Now their implementation requires changes in legislation. 

All these questions will be covered by the conference “Continuous cold chain” which is organized together with the Association of Food Sector Organizations (ASORPS) and the Russian Union of Refrigeration Industry Enterprises (Rossoyuzholodprom) within Seafood Expo Russia 2022. Both organizations are co-authors of the law of continuous cold chain of food circulation, which will establish the legal, organizational and economic foundations for the circulation of perishable food products in Russia. The conference participants will discuss its application by all parties, including the implementation of the provisions by Russian Railways structures and interaction with them.

“To keep the quality of perishable products, it always must be kept under certain temperature conditions. This time-consuming process requires the participation of many players, and the fact that it is not regulated at the level of federal legislation, makes it even more complicated. The law prepared together with ASORPS should fill this gap. At the conference in September, we will sum up the work done and discuss what changes have taken place in the transportation of fish and seafood. We were satisfied with the results of the event last year and want to hold it annually,” said Mikhail Sinev, President of ASORPS.

It is the second time for the conference to be held within the Seafood Expo Russia business program. In 2021, experts discussed issues related to ensuring temperature conditions in the food supply process, a set of relevant technical and technological solutions, and ways to implement an integrated approach to creating CCC. They have not lost their significance, but today it is necessary to introduce and maintain such logistics technologies in the new conditions.

In 2022, Global Fishery Forum & Seafood Expo Russia will have an anniversary - the event will be held on September 21-23 in St. Petersburg for the fifth time. The exposition will occupy 2 pavilions in the EXPOFORUM Convention and Exhibition Center with a total area of 26,000 square meters.