About Participation in Seafood Expo Global

About Participation in Seafood Expo Global
10 March 2022

Due to current international situation organizers of Seafood Expo Global have to cancel the participation of all Russian companies in the event. Thus, this year there would be no Russian exposition within the exhibition which will take place in Barcelona in April 26-28. 

Organizing its events Expo Solutions Group always tries to make it effective, convenient and safe for exhibitors. For that purpose, company’s representatives choose the most suitable events with large audience, professional exhibitors and great international importance.

Now, for reasons beyond our control, the circumstances don’t let us to stick to the main values which our company is guided by working with clients. This includes logistics difficulties connected with delivery of exhibits and samples to Spain, close of direct flights and sophistication of financial transfers. 

Fishery - is one of those fields which demands pragmatic cooperation of sides to make the operations safe. Nevertheless, in current situation the appropriateness of the participation of Russian companies is doubtful: effective communication of Russian fishermen and related industries’ representatives with European colleagues and partners will be possible after the normalization of international relations.

“We feel sad that current issues influenced on the industry and community that much. Our team will use this time to strengthen the position of Russian fish in the alternative markets and to work with the new directions. – commented Ivan Fetisov, CEO of Expo Solutions Group.