MUN Bulunskoe to participate at SEAFOOD EXPO RUSSIA

MUN Bulunskoe to participate at SEAFOOD EXPO RUSSIA
7 May 2021

Municipal Unitary Enterprise Bulunskoe will present its products in the fish processing sector at Seafood Expo Russia 2021. The company has been engaged in fishing and fish processing in Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) for 60 years.

BULUNSKOYE has 32 fishing areas at the river Lena. Every year company catches 300 tons of fish among them 209 tons of omul, 40 tons of vendace, 13 tons of muksun. The company is also dealing with catching nelma, broad whitefish and sturgeon fishing.

In 2020 the enterprise opened a primary fish processing manufacture within the catching place. Thus for the first time the company will bring frozen fish briquettes at the exhibition. Traditionally fresh-frozen omul, nelma, broad whitefish, as well as smoked, salted fish and fillets in vacuum freezing will be presented at the stand.

Annual capture volume in Yakutia is 5 thousand tons of fish. In 2021 due to increasing consumer demand, catch volume is expected to grow. This could be explained by the growing popularity of eco-trends in food, including fish bred and caught in the northern Russia regions.

"The consumer always associates Northern fish with an environmentally friendly product. Because northern Russian region is famous for its ecology and still considered as virgin and clean. Hence northern fish is not only dietary by itself, but also does not contain substances harmful for the human body." - said Ruslan Lukin, Director of the Municipal Unitary Enterprise "Bulunskoe»

Besides good environmental conditions in the region, proper fish processing plays an important role in keeping high quality and vitamins. Bulunskoe uses shock freezing method and thus keeps all healthy substances inside. In winter fish is frozen naturally because outside temperature is minus 40 degrees.

Under conditions of growing demand for Russian Northern regions’ fish products, the Municipal Unitary Enterprise "Bulunskoye" is actively looking for reliable partners!

We invite you to visit the stand of the leading enterprise in Yakutia at the key event of the Russian fishery industry SEAFOOD EXPO RUSSIA 2021!