Mariso Moscow to take part in Seafood Expo Russia

Mariso Moscow to take part in Seafood Expo Russia
10 February 2022

This year, trading company Mariso Moscow will take part in Seafood Expo Russia for the first time.

Being a part of the Hai Vuong Group, Mariso Moscow specializes in the wholesale supply of Pacific fish from Vietnam. Operating in Russian market since 2013, the company has gained the reputation of reliable partner and supplier of fish products for Russian leading manufaturers and traders. It wants to become the leader in supply of high-quality ocean fish in Russia. Among the advantages of Mariso Moscow are affordable prices, traceable origin of raw materials and good business reputation.

Company’s key products are tuna, including yellowfin. Tuna products are available as fillets, steaks, loins, trimmings, ground meat, medallions and premium quality sushi sake. Every year Mariso Moscow supplies about 50,000 tons of tuna to 50 countries. 90% of raw materials are of Vietnamese origin. Mariso Moscow also deals with products from swordfish, marlin, butterfish and pollock.

Preparations for the upcoming event are well under way. Together with Mariso Moscow, such companies as Lucky Fish and Morskoy Meridian have joined the final products sector of the exhibition. This year Global Fishery Forum & Seafood Expo Russia will have an anniversary, it will be held in St. Petersburg on September 21-23, 2022 for the fifth time. The exposition area will be located in two pavilions and occupy 26,000 square meters.