The year of the Company’s foundation: 1946
Yuzhno-Kurilsky Fish Factory LLC (YKRK) is a dynamically growing company fishing in the Sea of Okhotsk and the North Pacific. The Company runs a modern fish processing factory on Kunashir island consisting of onshore factory producing 200 MT per day of fish products, a pier suitable for vessels with max 7m draft, cold storage for 1200 MT and all infrastructures for unloading, processing and shipping of ready products.

Our high quality products are guaranteed by the surrounding ecologically clean fishing grounds and our focus on modern fishing, processing as well transporting technologies of fish.

The Company catches 35, 000 MT of fish annually. In 2016 gross income reached 30 million USD. 60% of our products is sold in Russian domestic market and 40% is exported.

•    fishing;
•    processing