The year of the Company’s foundation: 1991

"Fishery Firm Variant" JSC is engaged in catching and producing highest quality level fish products directly at sea.
Production cycle based on the processing of cod and haddock fillets on board of vessels at sea with exclusive packaging: each fillet packed in individual plastic bags and deep frozen in blocks with 5lbs,  7.5lbs, 15lbs , without any glazing and additives. With significantly higher quality level than "Frozen at sea" interleave packed fillets.
Cod and haddock are caught in the purest Barents Sea, which makes it possible to guarantee its high quality and ecological compatibility. All fillets are frozen by the technology of shock freezing directly on board the fishing vessel.
•    industrial and coastal fishing;
•    processing of aquatic biological resources;
•    wholesale and retail trade;
•    logistics.