The year of the Company’s foundation: 1952

Nakhodka Active Marine Fishery Base is the largest fishing enterprise in Russia with extensive experience in all areas of the Pacific Ocean.
Major business activities of NBAMR are concentrated on harvesting and further processing of sea fish and cephalopods. Our fleet works across all of the northwestern Pacific Ocean waters and annually catches around 150,000 tons of fish and seafood. The company’s combined workforce exceeds 3,000 people.
Commitment to its partners, adherence, to strict product standards, quality, and timely delivery have always been the cornerstone of the companies operations.
Strict supervision and quality control according to European atandards, and obligatory lab analysis of products in certified laboratory ensure high quality and competitve capacity at both domestic market and at markets of the Western Europe and Asia-Pacific Regions.
The HACCP system is applied to processing of all kinds of products. PJSC NBAMR has MSC certificate.
•    industrial fishing;
•    processing of aquatic biological resources.