The year of the Company’s foundation: 1998
Diky Ulov TM (Gera artel) is one of the largest fishing enterprises of the Far East of Russia.
Diky Ulov TM is engaged in fishing and processing of Pacific salmon (chum, pink salmon), lemonema, smelt, herring, pollock, squid, shrimp, flounder. Fishing is carried out in the Sakhalin Bay of the Sea of Okhotsk, near Chkalov Island and in the lower Amur. By Russian standards, it is a rather large enterprise with its own fishing areas, ships, processing bases and workshops located both on the shore and at the site of fishing. Workshops have modern processing equipment, which allows to produce products with wide range and high quality. The main production facility is located in the city of Amursk.
The company’s strategy consists in the release of products in the extended range, produced at the site of fishing with retaining all health properties and meeting global food safety standards, and in products delivery directly to the consumer.