The year of the Company’s foundation: 1995

The Group of Companies "Magadanryba" includes "Magadanryba" LLC, "Magadanryba 2" LLC, "Magadanpromflot" LLC, "Istok-AB" LLC, "Morskoy briz" LLC.

At present the main company activity is shrimp catching. Magadanryba Holding owns modern vessels performing wild shrimp catching in the Northern part of the Pacific Ocean.

The shrimp is produced and packed onboard the vessels at sea which ensures high quality and maximum freshness of the product.

The shrimp is sold out to the following market segments: HORECA, retail, wholesale market (big, medium, small lots), internet-market.

The aim of the company is to secure world-wide accepted quality standards of production through heavy investments into modernization of vessel technological equipment and optimization of production procedures.