Established in 1992, Satlink is a Spanish engineering company that develops satellite communication and monitoring solutions that serve a variety of industries worldwide for land, aero and maritime markets.

Since its foundation, Satlink has developed an active I+D activity which has allowed being in the forefront of the market with innovative products and solutions, including:

  • Satlink ELB3010 ISD+, the first sonar GPS fishing buoy in the world that incorporates a double frequency echo-sounder that distinguishes between different species of tuna as well as non-targeted associated fish.
  • Satlink ELB3010 ILL+, a durable solar powered longline buoy that offers a constant flow of GPS positions, allowing fisherman to locate the line quickly and efficiently, saving fuel and operating time.
  • Satlink SeaTube, an electronic monitoring system that records fishing activity through a high definition video system linked to the ship's GPS position. The recordings are reviewed and a complete report of the vessel's activity, fishing methods, discards and interactions with protected species are submitted to authorities for the purposes of seafood traceability and improving sustainable fishing practices.
  • Satlink Fleet One, a new satellite voice and data communications service for the maritime industry, providing simultaneous voice and data service up to 100kbps.

Satlink is an Inmarsat Tier 1 Partner for both Fleet One and Fleet Broadband satellite communications.

Through its agreements with Inmarsat, Thuraya and Iridium, Satlink offers innovative solutions to a wide variety of industries, particularly in the maritime sector where Satlink holds a leading position.

With headquarters in Madrid, Satlink has also offices in Vigo (north Spain), Ecuador, Fiji and Seychelles, key sites to give the best service and support to our customers worldwide.