Dalryba PJSC is a narrowly focused fishing enterprise. Its specialists are engaged in standard-setting, they are the first to adopt the newest standard and technologies, to use new achievements in the area of management. Garnering an enormous quantity of industrial, commercial, scientific and social information, Dalryba combats negative trends in the industry.

Fleets of Dalryba consist of five vessels: MFFT "Yuriy Orel", MFFT "Zaliv Olgi", MFFT "Tugur", LFFT "Siglan" and RFT "Kooperator". Its vessels working in different fishing areas of the Far East fish out up to 22 thousand tons of fish and seafood annually (including pollack, herring, flatfish, salmon, shrimps, crabs etc). Around 17 thousands of fish products is manufactured from the catch.