The group of fish-processing enterprises of the Kamchatka Territory:" West Coast "," Zarya "," Zuid ", represent their products both on the territory of the Russian Federation and in foreign countries.The favorable ecological situation in the fishing area, modern high-tech equipment determine the quality of fish products, As one of the best in the Kamchatka Territory, fish production is carried out on its own fishing grounds in the open sea and on rivers, which guarantees the ecological purity of the produce.

Our products: Far East salmon - chum, sockeye salmon, pink salmon, coho salmon, loach, kunja; Bottom breeds of fish - navaga, cod, flounder, pollock, capelin, smelt; Salmon roe salted; Milk with salmon.

The sales representative of enterprises in the Moscow region is the LTD "Kamchatsky Ulov".

Shipment of products is made from a warehouse in Moscow.