For over 25 years we have supplied European and non-European consumers with frozen fish and seafood from around the world. We have invested in state-of-the-art technologies and cooperate with the best fishing companies on all continents so that the buyers of our products can enjoy their unique taste and maximum nutritional value.

It is already the second generation of the Abramczyk family that focuses on the promotion of fish and seafood for their consumers, guided by the principle - the best product - at an affordable price - avaliable everywhere. Since its inception in 1989, the ABRAMCZYK company has come a long way - from doing business in the local market, exclusively through the development of imports of raw fish on a national scale, attaining the current leading position in the manufacturing and sale of frozen fish products in Poland, and a significant position in the European market.

Achieving success in the frozen fish and seafood industry was possible not only through the work of the whole Abramczyk family, but most of all thanks to all of our employees who support us every day with dedication in achieving our shared mission of creating a family „ABRAMCZYK TEAM”.