<p>Our company was founded in 1999 as a branch of the Icelandic company -Skipasyn.</p>
<p>Soon the company became independent and since 2001 works as an independent shipbuilding projector on the offshore market.</p>
<p>The company realizes all stages of design, from concept development to elimination  for all positions: body part, stability, ship equipment and ship systems.</p>
<p>We specialize in developing both fishing vessels and other types.</p>
<p>Documentation for conversions can also be developed, for example, from a trawler to a seismic vessel, from a trawler 21 to 43 m in length to a longline vessel and so on.</p>
<p>The scope of our work includes projects of other steel structures: floating berths, bridges, sea and coastal structures.</p>
<p>These structures are widely used in Europe: harbors, highways, etc.</p>
<p>Our team is competent and flexible in cooperation</p>
<p>Included in United stand LTD "Globox Shipping"</p>