The group of companies includes:

  • Fishery Coopperative “INYA”.
  • LLC "Fish Processing Complex Arteli INYA".
  • LLC "Okhotrybcom".

Activities: industrial fishing, sea freight, deep processing of fish, wholesale and retail trade in fish products.

The organization is engaged in the production of spawning herring, salmon and other fish species, which are processed onshore production in Novoye Ustye, Okhotsky District, Khabarovsk Territory.

The production structure of Artel includes:

  • "Novo-Ustyensk fish processing complex" in Novoye Ustye, Okhotsk municipal district, Khabarovsk Territory.
  • Transport refrigerator Buzansky, capable of transporting 1200 tons of frozen fish products.
  • Five tugboats and numerous auxiliary fleet of coastal and marine fisheries.
  • Fish processing complex of Artel in Khabarovsk.