FSBI «Glavrybvod» operates in the field of fisheries and aquatic biological resources conservation. FSBI «Glavrybvod» was set up by the Federal Agency for Fisheries.

The organization comprises 31 branches with a total staff of 6,195 people and 101 fish farms.

FSBI «Glavrybvod» manages most of the farms for the artificial reproduction of aquatic biological resources in the Russian Federation.

As part of the government contract and compensatory measures, FSBI «Glavrybvod» annually carries out artificial fishery reproduction with the release of more than 8.06 billion units of young sturgeon, whitefish, salmon and other fish species into their natural habitat.

FSBI «Glavrybvod» ensures not only the conservation and cultivation of aquatic biological resources (including rare and endangered fish species), but also the maintenance of freshwater ecosystems through amelioration of water bodies for fish culture.