Baltic Coast presented products of deep processing from sprat

Baltic Coast presented products of deep processing from sprat
22 October 2021

One of Russia’s leading fish processing companies “Baltic Coast” presented product of deep processing in Seafood Expo Russia 2021. Among exhibiting items an important role played splat products.

It is believed, that Baltic sprat is the only fish used in the production of canned sprats in oil. However, in besides the Baltic Sea, sprat is also found in the basins of other seas, including the Caspian.

The active development of the Caspian sprat fishing by Russian fishermen has resumed since 2019. Despite the favorable biological state of the reserves and the successful catching, full capacity processing of raw materials was impossible due to absence of this type of sprat is stare standards used by the production of canned sprats in oil. Due to joint efforts of the Union of Fishing and Fish Processing Enterprises of Dagestan, the fishing enterprises of the Caspian Sea and the largest Russian fish processing companies, the current standard has been amended to allow the use of the Caspian sprat.

According to the official data of the Federal Agency for Fisheries, the stocks of common sprat in the Caspian Sea basin are significant, and amount of the resource is stable. This will allow to avoide a rise in prices for raw materials and, therefore a rise in prices for processed products, including canned sprats in oil - one of the most popular and recognizable fish brands of Russia.

Trade House Baltic Coast is one of the leaders of the Russian fish processing industry, which has been operating for over 20 years. The company supplies products to the CIS countries, as well as to the USA, UAE, Finland, Georgia and South Korea. Baltic Coast successfully uses the Caspian sprat for its production: the company's product range includes cold smoked Caspian sprat and spiced sprat. Samples of these products were highly appreciated by visitors of the IV Global Fishery Forum & Seafood Expo Russia 2021.

Every year Baltic Coast produces 70 000 tons of products including 350 different categories. Company specialized in production and selling salted and smoked fish products, preserves, spreads, spiced salting fish, kelp salads and seafood. Such volumes can be produced due to huge production capacities. Company has 3 logistics centers with own fleet and 3 manufacturing facilities in different cities of Russia.