Canned fish is in the focus of Seafood Expo Russia

Canned fish is in the focus of Seafood Expo Russia
2 February 2022

In 2022, for the first time in the event history the organizers of Global Fishery Forum & Seafood Expo Russia plan to held specialized conference dedicated to the thermal preservation of fish food products. This event will be supported by the leading Russian fishery scientific research institute, VNIRO. 

Due to global changes in the world associated with new challenges and restrictions, modern consumers of fish products are changing their preferences. Particularly, the demand for canned fish is growing. Unlike all other types of fish products, canned food is stored longer and does not require special conditions. It is easy to eat it and it does not require additional cooking, while it has a variety of tastes and is available to all segments of consumers. A wide range of canned food: natural, with the addition of oil, in tomato sauce, with vegetable side dishes, smoked in oil, blanched in oil, allows satisfies almost consumers tastes.

“Section of canned fish is growing, we have more and more companies to joint it. Last year we even present deep processing as a single sector. We have many companies coming from other industry-related events. They leave other exhibitions in favor us. There are also those, which exhibit only in Seafood Expo Russia. Mainly, they are looking for B2B event.,” said Ivan Fetisov, CEO of Expo Solutions Group.

Participation of the large number of retail chains and online stores makes Seafood Expo Russia a great opportunity for Russian fishing companies producing canned food to find new customers and expand the geography of sales. This year, the organizers plan to ensure the participation of retail chains from the former Soviet republics. Some negotiations have been already held with Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Armenia and the Baltic countries.

Expansion into new markets is a good opportunity to increase sales for the manufacturers of canned food. The logistics does not require significant costs keeping the temperature regime and storage conditions. At the same time, the potential for increasing the production and sale of canned fish and seafood is huge. Thus, the agreements reached at exhibitions, including Seafood Expo Russia 2021, allowed the Salekhard Kombimat to send a trial batch of 11,400 cans of fish, burbot, pike and ide, to Belarus. The company also plans to arrange supplies of canned domestic fish to Kazakhstan and other countries.

In 2022 Global Fishery Forum & Seafood Expo Russia will have an anniversary. The event will take place on September 21-23 in St. Petersburg for the fifth time. The exhibition area will occupy 2 pavilions of Expoforum.