Aquaculture - Important Part of Seafood Expo Russia

Aquaculture - Important Part of Seafood Expo Russia
25 April 2022

Aquaculture and mariculture are drivers for the development of regions and industry as a whole. In the past few years, its growth in Russia is dynamic and it is important to keep this speed. Conditions for this can be created by mutual cooperation of different participants of the industry - therefore Seafood Expo Russia unites representatives of all its spheres from Russia and other countries within one place. Russia has the best conditions for growing fish and seafood, but did not use them for a long time, now it's time to change it.

Place of Aquaculture in Industry and Exhibition

Every year the attention towards aquaculture becomes closer and not only external circumstances but also the world trend contribute to this situation and Seafood Expo Russia is not an exception. Since 2021 aquaculture has become a separate sector of the exhibition. It unites farmers, producers of aquaculture equipment and producers of feeds additives, fish seed and veterinary medicine. Together with business enterprises, professional associations also take part in the event: Association of Trout Breeders of Karelia, Association Rosrybhoz, Far Eastern Union of Mariculture Enterprises etc.

Other sectors which are connected to fishery industry make the exposition complete. Among them are logistics and sales, marketing and promotion, lending and insurance. Such an approach together with participation in the event of leaders of the industry and other countries makes participation in exhibition effective, gives an access to the most advanced technologies, finds new customers, partners and suppliers.

Grow together

Planning the exposition, the organizers carefully work on the balance between the categories of participants, so that each exhibition sector is presented by companies from various segments from Russia and other countries. Due to market analyses most industry relevant issues are being brought up. Today, the priorities are feed and additives, veterinary preparations and fish seed. To provide aquaculture farms with necessary equipment, Seafood Expo Russia team together with the Russian and foreign business works not only to enlarge exhibitors’ variety and diversity but also to assist in their development.

"One of our new exhibitors is the Egyptian company King Fish for Investment. In addition to growing mariculture products, it produces fish feed, but still does not have permission to deliver it to the Russian market. If colleagues will need our assistance, we will definitely help them because it is in the interests of the entire industry and its participants," said Ivan Fetisov, CEO of Expo Solutions Group.

At the same time, there are many constant exhibitors in the segment of feed and additives, such as Algotek, Agentstvo Selhozkorma, Limkorm, Sibbioresource. For the first time will perticipate Sivetra Agro and Kombilormoviy Zavod. Many manufacturers from Kazakhstan and other EAEP countries are interested in joining the show.

Equipment for Fish Farmers

Equipment for aquaculture is one of the priority dimensions of the sector. One of the premieres of Seafood Expo Russia 2022 will be the installation of RAS - Recirculating aquaculture system of a closed water supply, assembled with the elements provided by the exhibitors and installed in the center of the exhibition hall. The system will have several independent recycling rings, which allows to show different types of equipment under various conditions and operating modes. To demonstrate the work of the equipment under the natural biological conditions, RAS will be filled with living fish. Within the “Joint Stand of Aquaculture Equipment Manufactures” Russian manufacturers will make consultations about RAS components operation and functions. This exposition will help to demonstrate visually the benefits of equipment in real conditions. Here will be also organized the conference-area for professional audience with presentations of various themes in the field of aquaculture: feeds, hydrochemistry, fish farming, ichthyopathology, etc.

New companies will join the equipment sector: among them are Morskoyi Basis, Moresnast and others. Immid Aquaculture will exhibit again. Another important member of Seafood Expo Russia is the National Association of Industrial Aquaculture Enterprises (NAPA). In 2021, within the exhibition NAPA, Federal Agency for fisheries and Aquamaof, the world leader in the production of recycling systems for terrestrial aquaculture from Israel, signed a memorandum on cooperation.

Grow and Sell

Growing fish and seafood differs from the catch process not only technologically, but also in terms of promotion. Unlike sea fishery, the aquaculture products are often sold near the production area – this reduces the costs of logistics and storage. This means that organizing fish farm, it is necessary to think about the distribution in local retail beforehand. In the exhibition near the aquaculture zone, there will be retail center, where exhibitors can negotiate direct deliveries of their products with representatives of retail chains. 

"Exhibitions dedicated to aquaculture and mariculture are effective if they combine companies from different spheres, states and continents. This tactic is widely spread, it allows you to share the experience with colleagues from abroad, find new customers, partners. The exhibition which represents only narrow segment from one country risks to become a place for discussion of the basic issues of companies’ everyday life and problems which solutions will never been implemented in real life. There is also a risk of becoming a hostage of advertising of one concrete brand ... But we have a professional event. Since the market of fish and seafood, including aquaculture products, is highly competitive, we understand that it is very important for the exhibitors to get from participation more than they spent, and give it to them. Growing fish is easy, you need to understand who and how to sell it, " said Ivan Fetisov.

In 2022, Global Fishery Forum & Seafood Expo Russia will have an anniversary - the event will be held on September 21-23 in St. Petersburg for the fifth time. The exposition will occupy pavilions F and G in the EXPOFORUM Convention and Exhibition Center with a total area of 26,000 square meters.