SPK RK "Vshody Kommunizma" has been operating for more than 85 years, 27 of which have been devoted to developing and promoting of the services in the sphere of sports fishing tourism.

An impressing experience of work in the fishing industry developed over a a long period of time undoubtedly makes SPK RK "Vshody Kommunizma" №1 tour operator on the coast of Tersky region.

7 comfortable fishing camps on the rivers of the White Sea basin offer their facilities for more than 800 experienced fishermen from all over the world. 48 members of highly professional crew provide their services, guidance and help for creating nice and comfortable conditions for both exciting fishing experience as well as pleasant careless rest in the middle of Russian tundra away from the chaos of big megalopolis and the fast lifestyle of business routine.

SPK RK "Vshody Kommunizma" - great fishing experience in the heart of Northern nature.