Fishery Farm "Druzhba" is one of the oldest enterprises in Sakhalin, established in 1959. It owns 10 SFS, auxiliary vessels, fish processing plant with complex processing workshops of 100 tons of fish and seafood daily capacity, as well as refrigerators of 1500 tons capacity, etc.

The fishing season of Druzhba starts with navaga, over 2000 tons produced in January. From April there starts cucumaria catch, in May and June – flatfish, over 750 tons per season, in July – there starts salmon season.

A seafood – crabs, shrimps, cucumaria, laminaria; canned salmon, navaga, flatfish; grained salmon roe; different frozen, salted, cured, smocked products – this is by far not a full range of products, manufactured by Rybkolhoz Druzhba.

The own laboratory tests a quality of products for compliance to the requirements of GOST and current specifications. All products are certified, complying with imposed and customer requirements. The company sells its products to different regions of Russia and abroad (Korea, China).

Its successful work was numerously distinguished with government awards, regional diplomas, testimonials. Its products win in different contests and exhibitions of fishing industry. As an indication of significance of its work the company was awarded with the Golden Sign of quality of the ХХI century “All-Russian Brand (the III millennium)".