For more than half a century, "Rybtechcenter " has developed more than 400 types of machines, processing lines for processing fish and meat.

The NGO produces modern, reliable, high-quality food processing equipment, easy to use and making the process of processing raw materials and food production Uninterrupted, technological and efficient. This is facilitated by the availability of production machine tool base, its own design and technology center, which has a unique archive of design developments and highly qualified engineers.

A great deal of experience has been accumulated in the manufacture of padding machines for meat and fish canning lines.

We make: defroster, machines for cutting, portioning, filleting and washing fish, scaling and skinning devices, washing and drying cans, salt dispensers, pates and fillers, blanching machines and frying ovens, autoclave systems, meatballs and other.

Included in United stand FSUE "KMFP"