LTD "Bosko- moreprodukt" (LTD "Gela")

The GELA Group of Companies has been working for more than 15 years in the field of industrial fishing and processing of fish products.

The group includes the fishing enterprise - GELA LTD, which owns three medium-tonnage fishing vessels certified for compliance with the requirements of the EU and PRC, having an eco-certificate according to the MSC standard and Bosco-moreprodukt LTD, which performs deep processing of fish products in Coastal conditions for the domestic market.

The annual catch is more than 12 thousand tons of bottom-fish. Gross annual output of finished products - more than 10 thousand tons, including canned food more than 1,5 thousand tons.

Our goal is to produce quality products. To implement this task, the company has a system of its own control.